Concerning Life as It Is Supposed to Be

Something Worth Living For

It’s been a long time coming. Today, my book Something Worth Living For is released. In honor of that event, I created a fun little video which I hope you enjoy. After watching, go buy the book! It is certified to fit in most standard Christmas stockings. Here are some good places to buy: – $9.99 – $10.39 – $11.95

Now, for the special event: Ta-da!!


Aimee Byrd and the Evangelical ‘F’ Word


A Faith Worth Learning


  1. Maria

    Loved the movie. Waiting for my copy to arrive. Wishing you much success, M.

  2. Penni Holt

    We are excited and proud for you! Waiting for our copies to show up!

  3. Gail Brighytbill

    They’re here! They’re here! My books are here! Oh boy oh boy, oh boy!

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