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For a man who wants to maintain a blog, who believes that this is part of his calling, and who actually enjoys (mostly) doing so, five months between posts seems to belie it all. Nevertheless, as has often been pleaded to my patient and faithful readers, life has intercepted these desires.

Lack of presence does not reflect lack of concern. The things I write about matter to me. This blog’s tag line (a reference to Cornelius Plantiga, Jr.’s book, Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be) comes from a deep place in my heart. The things I see and often experience are far from what I want to see. Many feel a deep dis-ease that cries out for some orientation toward hope. I want to point, as far as I am able, in the direction where I sense such hope lies. I want to be a part of shaping a vision for the way things are to be.

My goal in these posts is to share my heart with clarity and with brevity. I value your time as well as your attention and so most posts will hover around 500 words. If I can honor Strunk and White’s challenging rule #17 (“Omit needless words.”) all the better. And if I can do this with a sense of joy and fun along the way, then that is a small step, at least, toward the way things are supposed to be.

All has not been inactivity these few months. I have continued to generate ideas, some of which will be developed and published (and some of which will be unceremoniously buried). I have in process two longer and larger projects of serialized content that I’m looking forward to releasing when I think they are ready. I hope you stay around to read, to react, and to pass what is valuable on to others. All of this is a great encouragement to me.


It Still Burns


They Are People


  1. chrisinnm

    Glad to have your cyber presence re-emerge. <3

    • My challenge is to not let it consume me. That is always my problem. We’ll work this slow…

  2. Carol Arnold

    All thoughts welcome. Even those without clarity or brevity.

    • There is always that one person who says, “Pastor, I don’t care how long you preach. It’s all good.” The emphasis there is on the ‘one’ person. 😉

  3. Suzanne

    Looking forward to that direction of hope and vision of better things to come.

  4. Sarah Kaye

    You have flock that are still following and looking to be guided by those they trust 😊, who are much more likely to read your sparesly spaced posts than of those who plaster all over daily or even weekly!
    Because the commenting is closed on your “give me Jesus” post I’ll comment here…if your looking to sit and listen to some deep truthful “give me Jesus” preaching, please check out the audio sermons from our old church back in Yorktown VA by Pastor Kevin Haas. His series on Luke has been awesome and I found myself glued to every word….also the current church home to the McCarty family who I’m sure will agree! Hope you get to enjoy…

    • You are quite the resourceful reader/commenter! What a wonderful affirmation of this pastor’s preaching. I hope he knows that you think so highly and appreciatively of him. Makes me wish we’d been in that part of the world during my sabbatical!

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