Concerning Life as It Is Supposed to Be

It Still Burns

This candle and it’s holder was purchased by newlyweds in July of 1978.

Finding it in a small shop tucked away off the main street in Gatlinburg, Tennessee they paid $4.25 to light it in their honeymoon suite.

Over the past 40 years, it has traveled through several states roughly tucked in a dresser drawer. It has stood as a sentinel, at times taken for granted and at other times greatly enjoyed. It has met struggle and been placed under stress it was never meant to endure.

But here it is. Forty years later. And it still burns.

By the kindness of God, it still burns.


Give Me Jesus. Please.


The Preacher Is Out In


  1. Carol Arnold

    Love this. Happy anniversary.

  2. child4

    CONGRATULATIONS! And here’s to the next 40; live the years in good health and great happiness.

  3. chrisinnm

    Wonderful. Congratulations!

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