A friend wrote to me recently:

The men’s group from the church I attend is starting a study of a book, which (according to the cover blurb) “men around the world” have been using for 35 years to “live by God’s terms,” and which will allow me to “reach God’s standards as a father, a husband, and a mentor to other men” because the author will tell me “how to make the grade.”

We’ve read such books, and though they can be helpful when set in the proper context, without that context, their demands can be crushing, especially crushing to men who are struggling just to roll out of bed without messing up.

My friend felt that my posts on sanctification from last year would help set the necessary context, so he asked for links to them.

I’m happy that these have been helpful. They are born of my own repeated failures, certainly not of my successes. So, for any who want to see these all in one place, here they are:

People Like You Will Never Change

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The Long and Winding Road

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Dobby’s Gospel

Though not a part of the series, I include this one because, well, just because I like it:

The Locus of Halloween Evil

And, finally, I include this one for what it adds concerning the impact of grace upon a church that wants to be defined by the gospel of God’s grace:

Too Much Grace?