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The Locus of Halloween Evil

I have found the locus of Halloween Evil.

It is not

* in the little demons who parade up and down our street looking for handouts

* in the horrendously grotesque jack-o-lanterns (this one carved by our in-need-of-therapy friend Bill Kimrey)

* in the proliferation of horror flicks centered around this day.

I have discovered it as I dumped bag after bag of candy in a bowl just now in preparation for tonight’s onslaught – and carefully removed and set aside all the varieties that I wanted to hoard myself and not give to the urchins unless I’m forced to do so.

I have, you see, found the locus of Halloween evil in the place I know it resided all along.


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  1. Staci Thomas

    This. is. a. very. very. very. good. post. Thank you for it. What a helpful (and no calorie) Halloween treat.Staci

  2. Gail and Keith

    Yes, evil comes from the heart. I find Halloween troublesome and as G. said in his post, condemnation should not come down on either party, the participators nor the non-participators. Maybe some day a discussion could be done on the difference between celebrating Halloween/All Hallows Eve, (I know the origins of both) and Christmas which we Christians centuries ago began celebrating at the same time as the pagan Saturnalia. Maybe I should find Saturnalia/Christmas troubling. G

  3. Gail and Keith

    I should have said, "I know the difference between All Hallows Eve and All Saint's Day. G

  4. TulipGirl

    "I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, Self." — Martin Luther

  5. Seth

    This post may be coming a little late (haven't read you blog in a while, sorry Dad…), but there is another quote that I think is pertinent."nothing unifies like a common enemy and we’ve got one, sure as hell he may be living in your house he may be raising up your kids he may be sleeping with your wife oh no, he may not look like you think"– Derek Webb

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