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Good Look

I think this has a good look about it:

Of course, at this point being only about 2 minutes into his trumpet career, technique could use some work. But still…




Of Books, Stolen and Otherwise


  1. TulipGirl

    *grin*In a couple of years, maybe we could add a little bit of brass to the musical repertoire on Sundays.

  2. Seth

    looks like I'm going to have to start calling him "Dizzy".

  3. Randy Greenwald

    A bit cheeky, isn't he!And as for adding brass… with a loose definition of 'couple' I could accept that.

  4. Staci Thomas

    Oh, how incredibly adorable. The cheerful nature of the instrument fits his personality!

  5. Gus/Adri

    I want to start calling him Winton.G

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