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A Book about Me

I wanted to let everyone know that my book is out. Oh, not a book that I have written, but the book that is all about me.

Now, of course, fans will expect such a book to be titled GREENWALD: a life lived to the glory of God.

Of course.

But I suppose the editors and publisher decided that that title was a bit too over the top for someone as humble as me, and so, instead, they titled it Counterfeit Gods.

It’s pretty cool to have someone as prominent as Tim Keller write a book about me. But life is like that, isn’t it? Full to the brim with amazing surprises.

Discerning readers of the book will notice that Keller keeps my identity obscured. He never mentions me by name. He writes rather about Jonah (a man in love with his race and place) and Jacob (a man seeking for blessing from a woman and a father) and Zaccheus (a man for whom material possessions provided all the comfort he thought he needed). So, stepping around the true subject of the book, he never mentions me directly. But make no mistake about it – he is writing about me.

It’s not quite what I expected in a book about me. I thought there’d be more flattering stuff, more about the glories of my high school career, more about my dynamic love life, and more about my financial acumen. The subtitle kind of puzzles me as well: “The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope That Matters.” (That must have been the product of a bored editorial assistant, something he stuck in there when the principal editors were not looking.) Though the book totally overlooks my stunning pastoral career, it does quite a job of shining a light into the convoluted inner world of this pastor’s heart.

So, I think you’ll agree, should you take the time to read this book. “This is,” you will say, “a book about me.”


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  1. The Domestic Intellectual

    I gave this to my Jon for Christmas 🙂

  2. Staci Thomas

    Well done, Randy. Well done.

  3. Randy Greenwald

    Thanks, Staci. And TDI, it would make a fun book to read together. You might find it to be 'A Book about Us'!

  4. Geoffsnook

    Randy,I need to get this book. I'm 3/4 finished with the Agassi book. Solid. So this is my next purchase!

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