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I Know God’s Will for You

Happily picked up, finally, Kevin DeYoung’s (the guy with the dream job) wonderfully helpful little book Just Do Something. There have many books published to help Christians sort through the ‘how do I know the will of God’ conundrum, but this one is not only dead on right, but highly accessible.

So much could be said, but just read the book. I particularly commend it to those who counsel those struggling with decision making.

What is the will of God for you? As DeYoung summarizes, it is this:

According to Jesus, it is to seek first the kingdom of heaven.

And according to Paul it is

1) to live a holy life
2) to rejoice, pray, and give thanks
3) to bear fruit and know him better
4) to be filled with the Holy Spirit

That is, the will of God is for us to grow in Christ-likeness.

Whether you do these things in Detroit or Dubuque, married or unmarried, as a minister or motorcycle mechanic, is up to you.

Such a freeing, and biblical, perspective.




Don’t Forget the Context

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  1. Geoffsnook

    Randy,What a perspective to have. How freeing! I just need to pray about whether or not God wants me to read it. Hmmm…..

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