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Often I Have Ideas. Occasionally They Are Good Ones

The first two thirds of this video is brilliant. He describes ideas as ‘brain crack’, ideas, that is, which we keep stored away and never really get to implementing. It’s worth watching as a stimulus to actually realize that not every idea is a good idea, and that ideas are meant to be implemented. It encourages us to pursue those ideas and dreams that we harbor, but fear trying. To realize that most ideas really aren’t good ones is a good and healthy realization.


Only the first 2/3 of this (just a couple of minutes) is worthy watching. The last third is a song which is NOT worth listening to, especially if any use of the ‘f’ word is offensive. When he starts singing, turn it off. I’ve warned you…


The Long and Winding Road


Monday with Freddy


  1. Gail and Keith

    In spite of the warning, that song assaults you before you have time to hit the stop button!Good thoughts on getting those ideas out of the brain and into the air rather than letting them stagnate. G

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Sorry about that… I did not give enough warning.Here is another interesting comment:”The master discipline is not hard work. It’s actually no work at all, because work requires time and effort. A shift in your direction of focus is instantaneous, with zero expenditure of energy. Yet it remains the master key to a positive experience of life and creating results. “Motivation” and “discipline” are often heralded as critical factors; but both require themselves to create themselves. You have to be motivated to motivate yourself and disciplined to discipline yourself, which is a Catch-22. When you observe behavior that appears motivated and disciplined, you can always trace it back to the choice to simply put a focus on one thing versus another.”

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