The answers given to the request for favorite Nicolas Cage movies generated no consensus. Mentioned were

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Family Man

National Treasure

The Rock

Trapped in Paradise

With honorable mention going to


Matchstick Men

Bringing Out the Dead

I’m surprised no one mentioned Moonstruck, a movie in which he plays a non-Cage type character.

My favorite has to be Raising Arizona, both because I love the premise and the characters, but also because it bears that Coen Brother’s quirkiness.


In this post, I posed a riddle: two 2008 films in which the male lead early in the film is expected to die. One was correctly guessed and the other was not. No surprise here. Seven Pounds with Will Smith in the lead drew much more attention than the other one I had in mind. Henry Poole Is Here stars Luke Wilson as a man who moves back to his old neighborhood to die, being diagnosed with a rare and terminal disease.

With death in the air, Henry Poole is much more hopeful than Seven Pounds, but each raises intriguing questions in their own way. It was purely coincidental that Barb and I watched both films on the same night.


Our new friend Greg has enabled me to sleep at night now that he has solved, with some sense of authority, my puzzlement over the flight path of an M & M. Thanks, Greg.