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Baseball Excitement

To some, baseball comes off as ponderous and dull. Not to me. Tension hangs on every pitch, anticipation is a constant, the unexpected becomes expected.

But I have to agree with Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times when he speaks of his love of the triple – arguably, apart from the extremely rare inside the park home run, the most exciting play in baseball.


Arrogance, Suffering and Redemption. For Kids


“Flood in Aisle 32”


  1. Elsa

    Have you ever read the short story "Perfection" by Mark Helprin? It's one of my favorites. It's about redemption through baseball (!) and is a fictional account of the Yankees in the time of Mickey Mantle. It's the centerpiece of a collection called _The Pacific and Other Stories_, all of which is worth reading.The story can be found here: http://www.cardinalnewman.org/s/206/images/editor_documents/Scharfen/Perfection.helprin.doc The link will open a Word doc, by the way.

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Thanks, Elsa. I've been wanting to read something by this guy, so a story about baseball seems an excellent place to start. As soon as I get through Anna Karenina, of course!

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