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Love, Rain On Me!

Always one to be ahead of the technological curve, I just uploaded my first ever video to YouTube. I then deleted it and uploaded a substitute. Watch it quick before I change my mind again!

For those of you who want to know why we love camping, and why we believe that ‘Shared Calamity’ makes for close families, you will enjoy this video. The final shot is of our youngest camper, Isai, age of four weeks, completely undeterred by the rain! (And yes, I know the song is ‘Reign O’er Me’, not ‘Rain On Me’, but it seemed appropriate nonetheless!)




Arrogance, Suffering and Redemption. For Kids


  1. Staci Thomas

    Impressive. Love the background music. You are on to something, here. Did it rain EVERY day that you camped?

  2. Randy Greenwald

    No… it was beautiful the rest of the week. Absolutely perfect. When I get a chance, I'll post another video. This is too much fun… makes me want to get a high quality video recorder. This was filmed with my still camera…

  3. MagistraCarminum

    Lovely! Keep the video coming! But next time, remember to lower your aim enough to give us a shot of your dear wife's face, not just the top of her head…;-)

  4. TulipGirl

    So great!

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