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UnTweetable Virtue

I just can’t do it.

Here is an example of something worthy which simply cannot be compressed into 140 characters.

The Christianly virtuous person is not thinking about his or her own moral performance. He or she is thinking of Jesus Christ, and of how best to love the person next door.

The quote comes from page 240 of N. T. Wright’s After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters. I resonate with this. Yes, the statement begs the question of what it means to love the person next door. But if my passion is answering the question of how to love him or her rather than a passion of wanting to know the rules, I’m a fair way further down the path toward Christ-likeness, it seems to me.


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  1. Seth

    Christian virtue: don’t think ‘Do Good Stuff’, but think on Jesus. And how best to love your neighbor.

    • If anyone would be up to the challenge, you would be! Now, do you think you could fit my comments in there as well? Thanks!

  2. Staci Thomas

    But the knowing the rule are so much easier! (she whines)

    Thanks for this. Read this book a while ago, but I had forgotten the quote. I appreciate your reminder very, very much.

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